E3 is just around the corner and news on the upcoming Super Smash Bros 4 for Wii U and 3DS is just as close. For those hungry for more Smash, popping in Melee, Brawl, or even Smash 64 may not do the trick after all these years. Thanks to a dedicated group of modders, however, satisfying that hunger just got a lot easier.

Project M, a fan-made Brawl modification meant to put a Melee-like spin on the 2008 Smash Bros installment initially released on the Wii, is better than ever with a free-to-download edition of the game in progress filled to the brim with 77 stages to choose from. The experience, while building on the greatness of Melee alongside the best features of Brawl, feels entirely new – characters play differently, even familiar stages have been given refreshing new takes. With a competitive focus in mind while still being accessible to casual players, Project M is a Smash Bros experience you can\’t miss out on.

If you have a copy of Brawl, a Wii, an SD card, and a computer, you\’re already on your way to diving into a crazy new Smash experience. The Reddit thread sourced below contains all the needed information to get Project M working properly on your home console.

Project M continues to progress every day and is becoming an established part of competitive Smash tournaments every weekend. Remember, this is not an official Nintendo product and can only be downloaded off the internet (for free and without any fear of viruses) and will only work with official copies of Brawl. If you do decide to skip this one, Nintendo has confirmed that Smash 4 will indeed be part of their E3 Nintendo Direct event.

[Source: Reddit]

Written by Dakota Lasky

Bringing you the latest news in Nintendo gaming and the very best in competitive Super Smash Bros. When I’m not writing news and features for Nintendo Enthusiast, I’m watching tournaments and playing some Melee. You may also find me behind the mic on commentary or for a podcast. Follow me on Twitter!: @TheRapture_

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