You might remember last year before the Wii U released that Crytek declared that the latest version of their engine runs ‘beautifully’ on the console and that the Wii U specs were very good. Now, even more information about CryEngine on the Wii U has sprung up with Precursor Games saying it’s both easy to run CryEngine 3 on the Wii U and that the Wii U “fully supports” the engine.

Precursor Games: it’s not hard at all. The CryEngine3 fully supports the Wii U

Makes you wonder how cErtAin companies expect to get away with the notion that their engines can’t run on the Wii U when one of the leaders in developing powerful game engines was able to get their engine up and running on the Wii U. In fact, you might also remember that Crytek actually had Crysis 3 ready to release on the Wii U, but your favorite company, EA, had stopped that from happening.

[Source: Facebook]