Yep, that’s right. According to Mr. Miyamoto, Nintendo has actually examined the potentiality of a Nintendo theme park, something companies like Sony and Microsoft probably couldn’t reap the benefits of due to a difference in demographic. When asked by ABC news whether Miyamoto would consider a real Mario theme park, as opposed to the digital theme park, NintendoLand, Miaymoto responded saying that it might become a possibility in the future.

ABC: “”Nintendo Land” very much teased us, and everyone wants to actually go to Nintendo Land in person. Have you ever been approached about a Mario theme-park, or is that ever something you would consider in real life?”

Miyamoto: “Certainly, with Nintendo being in the entertainment industry, there may come some point in the future where that might become a possibility. But right now we’ve got our hands full creating our digital products. Certainly, it’s not an impossibility.”

[Source: ABC]