Today Nintendo updated their online service Miiverse, adding integration for popular social media outlets, including twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Tumblr.  Currently only available through the browser based version of Miiverse, this lays the groundwork for the functionality to be added to the Miiverse app in the next major firmware revision, expected this summer for the Wii U.

Social network features have been long asked for by Miiverse users, and it seems that Nintendo has indeed been listening, unless perhaps this was the plan all along.  Miiverse is still a very young service, but Nintendo has regularly added functionality to the service as it matures.  This, along with the ability to create more detailed drawings with the Art Studio Miiverse application, gives people new ways to express themselves and share their creations to their favorite outlets.  Given Nintendo\’s interest in these social networks as well as Instagram, there is a possibility that they will try to include that in the future.

What are your thoughts on the constant improvements seen in Miiverse?  Sound off in the comments.

Written by Wesley Stopford

A long time Gaming Enthusiast, and current News Team Lead for Nintendo Enthusiast, Wesley began his journey with Nintendo’s NES at a very young age playing the originals of many of Nintendo’s greatest franchises; games that introduced him to the most memorable characters and settings in gaming history. The technology behind gaming sparked his curiosity, an affection he carries to this day. Today Wesley’s love for gaming is alive and well, as well as a deep understanding of hardware and software systems, an understanding owed to over 10 years of experience as a Systems and Network Engineer and the very games and consoles that captivated his young and enthusiastic mind.

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