MTV, now even further from running music videos on their channel, has interviewed Hideki Konno of Nintendo EAD and Mario Kart director Kosuke Yabuki about Mario Kart 8 as part of their ongoing MTV Multiplayer series.

In the interview, which primarily discusses the upcoming Wii U game due next year and what was shown at E3, Konno and Yabuki go into detail about numerous parts about the game, including the inclusion of anti-gravity tracks, an idea that succeeded another idea of adding drills to players\’ karts for underground racing. Mr. Konno also notes that Mario Kart 8 will continue to include only Mario series characters, as they are trying to avoid creating a \”Smash Kart\” by adding non-Mario characters.

For the full interview, click the source below. Mario Kart 8 is expected to launch on the Wii U in 2014.

[Source: MTV Multiplayer]

Written by Dakota Lasky

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