Miiverse communities give developers a unique opportunity to connect in new ways with fans of their work.  Gaijin Games, developers of the successful eShop title Bit.Trip Presents: Runner2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, have been very active in the Runner2 Miiverse community.

They\’ve connected with fans of the game, held Miiverse draw challenges, and now they\’re at it again with Miiverse Storytime.

Every Friday, they will put out a call on Miiverse for new story ideas to narrate Commander.Video\’s adventures in the game.  Once they\’ve compiled all of the suggestions, they will narrate the final story on their YouTube channel.

Pop a squat on ol\’ Unkle Dill\’s lap and listen to the first-ever installment of Miiverse Storytime! youtube.com/watch?v=JZWnhB…

— CommanderVideo (@BitTrip) May 30, 2013

While other developers in the Wii U Miiverse communities are active, Gaijin Games is undoubtedly the most active developer.  What are your thoughts on the first of many \”Miiverse Storytime\” posts from Gaijin Games?  Sound off in the comments below.

Written by Wesley Stopford

A long time Gaming Enthusiast, and current News Team Lead for Nintendo Enthusiast, Wesley began his journey with Nintendo’s NES at a very young age playing the originals of many of Nintendo’s greatest franchises; games that introduced him to the most memorable characters and settings in gaming history. The technology behind gaming sparked his curiosity, an affection he carries to this day. Today Wesley’s love for gaming is alive and well, as well as a deep understanding of hardware and software systems, an understanding owed to over 10 years of experience as a Systems and Network Engineer and the very games and consoles that captivated his young and enthusiastic mind.

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