The spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness has been announced, first details inside….

Precursor Games today announced Shadows of the Eternals, a new episodic psychological horror game coming to Wii U and PC. The studio formed after the death Silicon Knights, who created Eternal Darkness for the Gamecube are planning on releasing the game in Q3 2014 , as long as crowdfunding comes through.

The game will feature twelve different episodes, lasting two to four hours, each with a different playable character. The main story follows detective Paul Becker as he investigates a brutal massacre in Louisiana that left two cults decimated. The story will span some 2,500 years of history and will be set in North America, Europe and Egypt. Several gameplay mechanics from Eternal Darkness will be featured including combat, magick, and the sanity effects! Eternal Darkness became a cult hit because of it\’s sanity feature, where not slaying enemies would result in your character loosing their sanity and the game playing tricks on you.

Precursor Games will use crowdfunding to reach the target of $1.1 million, but they won\’t be using Kickstarter. For those who donate, you will instantly become a member of the “Order of the Unseen” . This will get you access to the development forums and interact with the team. Other rewards include copies of episodes of the game, posters, Skype calls with a developer, and creating your own sanity effect!

Rich George from IGN has revealed that we will learn more about the game next week…

You\’ll learn more about Shadows of the Eternals (aka spiritual Eternal Darkness II) on Monday & Tuesday. Platforms, footage etc. — Rich (@RichIGN) May 3, 2013

While the game has yet to be officially confirmed for Wii U, a pulled test page for the game on Precursor Game\’s website has revealed the game for Wii U & PC. The fact Rich George, IGN\’s Nintendo Editor, knows of more information coming is also a pretty good sign!

[Source: NWR]

Written by Andy W.

Andy W.

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