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Denpa Men 2 is a charming RPG that far surpasses its predecessor. In Denpa Men 2, you meet a randomly generated Denpa Man who will play the role of the main character. The stats are randomly generated and so is the appearance and name. The story starts off very simply: your family is kidnapped and they must be saved, but the story slowly evolves.

Denpa Men 2 is a very simple game that has a lot of depth. The core mechanics of the game involve finding Denpa Men through “radio waves”, which is really your wifi connection, and then capturing and battling with them. Each Denpa Man has a specific color with stats and abilities. You can semi-relate Denpa Men to Pikmin..if they were men (and women!) in leotards. Denpa Men with antennae only have one skill attached to them such as heal, revive, fire, sleep and any other skill you have ever used in an RPG. Denpa Men without antennae have no skills attached, but usually make up for it in level and stats such as attack power.


The best way to describe the gameplay is as a turn based RPG on auto-pilot. Throughout the game you have the ability to build up your party and this can grow to up to 8 members. When engaging in battle, you have the option to attack, heal and use skills. When attacking, all the party members attack at once and usually gang up on the enemy like a pack of Pikmin. Heal will have everyone using healing skills or item based healing, depending on what the injury is and how many healers are available on the team. Skills are great to speed up battles but tend to waste more MP than if you were just to stick with attack. (Note that the attack button still allows skills to be used, but it is entirely dependent on the AI and not the player.)


In Denpa Men 2, there is a pretty big overworld that will take you all over land and sea. I don’t know if it was the camera angle or something else, but when you run across the world map, you will instantly feel like you are playing a classic SNES JRPG. It has that feeling that you can’t put into words, but it is one that most old school gamers recognize and this really adds to the charm of this game.

Denpa Men 2 will have you running all over the world map, finding new dungeons that push you closer to saving your family one boss battle at a time. The dungeons in this game are similar to Denpa Men 1 and can be quite cramped when running around, causing you to run into battles by the second. This game is really for those who love to grind; if you hate to be bombarded with battle after battle, this game might not be for you.


Before running off to the next dungeon, there is usually a small village to visit where you can rest, buy items and gear, and talk to villagers, whereupon you might unlock a side quest or two. Throughout your many battles you gather seeds, which can be planted in your home village. As you grow crops, certain fruits or vegetables can have beneficial traits that can upgrade stats for your Denpa Men. You can rest easy knowing that there is a fast travel feature where you can revisit all locations you have visited.


Denpa Men 2 is a fun time to be had for people who have had some exposure to the Dungeon Crawler/RPG genre.  The game is a major improvement from the first game but if you don’t like the battle system, there is little fun to be had.

Written by Kurt Germer

Is a long time Nintendo fan who worked his way up from the SNES to Nintendo Enthusiast. Loves gaming and film from all mediums and studies Cognitive Neuroscience at Temple University.


  • If you love Dungeon Crawler RPG’s, Denpa Men 2 can scratch the right itch for those who are experienced with the genre. The addition of the world map is the best new feature to Denpa Men and really makes the game feel more complete.


  • Denpa Men 2 is a game that can be very annoying for some people. The game does not give you control over individual options in battle and you can be bombarded by battle after battle to the point where the repetition can push away players.

Final Score:  7 / 10

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