The Nintendo 3DS eShop is no stranger to puzzle games. Robot Rescue 3D is the latest inductee to the puzzle library. This is actually the third game in the series, with the previous two games being released on the DSiWare service years ago. Now the series finally joins the 3DS family. Will Robot Rescue 3D join the ranks of the good ones?


The game is actually a mixture of three game sections. The first two DSiWare Robot Rescue games and the newer Robot Rescue 3D itself. This adds up to a lot of puzzle levels, over 120 to be precise. The first two sections are mostly throwbacks to the first two games with some new levels thrown in as well. Previously, these games were played entirely with the DS on its side and used up both screens. As the emphasis of the latest game is on 3D, this has of course changed, confining the gameplay to the top screen alone. Though the view field is only one screen now, the levels are still quite large.

The concepts of the puzzles are actually fairly straightforward. Your objective is to move all the little robots to the exit. The challenge comes from the fact that each movement happens to move them all at once, and that you are required not to destroy any of them. Each level is set up in a fairly simple maze layout with a number of obstacles you must navigate around.  The introduction of conveyor belts and teleporters will start to challenge your thinking process, if you hope to escape unharmed.

The first few levels of each game section are mostly easy tutorials to get you used to how the game works. They mostly introduce new concepts such as buttons that create duplicate robots, and sticky posts that temporarily stop you to allow other robots to move safely around the maze. It\’s not too long before the challenge ramps up a few notches, reaching downright intense levels by the end of each section. Luckily, if any level is too hard for you, the game gives you three keys to use to skip a level and move onto the next. You can always return to that level at any point in the future.


The game\’s look is a fairly colorful 2D look with simple graphics. Nothing too exciting to look at, but they get the job done. There is a 3D aspect, but I mostly recommend keeping it all 2D as the 3D aspect doesn\’t really add anything. The sounds made from the game are fairly nice and simple too, and mostly what you expect from a game where you control robots in a factory-like setting. The background music is not distracting or annoying, but does tend to get boring after a while listening to it. The music doesn\’t really change much, so you will be listening to mostly the same music as you play through the game.



Robot Rescue 3D is a very fun game that is worth all your time and money to play. This is a great game to download and give a quick ten minutes to while riding the bus, or to take your time and spend an hour on a single challenging level. With over 120 levels, you should be kept busy for a good ten hours depending on how clever you are.

Written by BSherwin


  • 10+ hours
  • Over 120 levels
  • Controls for left & right handed people
  • Very challenging


  • Lackluster music that doesn't change much
  • Lackluster 3D

Final Score:  8.5 / 10

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