Still holding out for the next F-Zero to finally make its way to the Nintendo 3DS? Well, while we all wait for that to happen, Perhaps the newest racing game, AiRace Speed, might be enough to help fill the void left in our hearts from the disappearance of F-Zero. But does it live up to the expectations of other great futuristic racers?


AiRace Speed involves futuristic aircraft racing at insane speeds through levels filled with eccentric turns and twists. You\’re required to compete in time trials instead of racing against other aircraft in order to advance and you have the ability to travel lightning-fast through each nook and turn as you aim to get that gold medal. Each level features a unique amount of obstacles and, sometimes, multiple paths to take to reach the goal even quicker.

I felt that the controls for the game were very well-tuned and responsive, even when going my fastest. The early levels are pretty easy to unlock simply by earning bronze medals. Later, levels require a certain amount of silver and gold medals to be earned, giving you that extra incentive to learn each level. To even achieve the time necessary for gold medals, you will need to travel each level at top speed with little to no crashes. If you do crash, however, you will be set back to the nearest check mark and will result in a small penalty added to the end of your score. While you do need to worry about crashing, you don\’t need to worry too much about hitting the walls. Instead of becoming an instant crash, bumping off the walls only damages your vehicle and will only result in a crash if you continue to hug the wall.

I was very impressed with the graphical look of the game. This helps greatly when you are traveling at excessive speeds of 500 mph and above and the world starts to fall behind you. I found the 3D aspect to the game also impressive and helped me in determining where to position my aircraft to quickly slide my way through any open holes in the way. I would rank this game as one of the best-looking 3DS eShop games out there.


With 18 different levels, the game has quite a decent amount of unique racing levels to it. I found the game to have a high replay value to it. I found myself coming back for some more even after already beating the game as well as getting gold in certain levels. The sense of speed achieved in each of the levels really made the game compelling to me. Because most levels are only a minute or two long, at least when going for the gold, this makes this the perfect game when you have to wait a few minutes for something else. The game also features an online leaderboard for each level as well as a number of unique and fun challenge awards for you to try to unlock.

If you like games like F-Zero and Wipeout, you will love AiRace Speed. The game gives you an impressive feel for how fast you are going as you weave in and around obstacles in the way. I found myself coming back to the game multiple times, even after finishing every level. The game is perfect for that quick pick-up while waiting for something to finish or to just play for an hour.

Written by BSherwin


  • Impressive Graphics
  • Good use of the 3D Aspect
  • Great Sense of Speed
  • High Replayability


  • Only 18 levels

Final Score:  9 / 10

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