In our recent interview with Zoink Games, community manager Alexandra shares some interesting insights on developing for the Switch.  She shared how Zoink Games tried to port their game, Zombie Viking, for months on Wii U but ultimately failed due to frame rate issues.   When they tried their hand at porting on the Nintendo Switch, it only took 3 days.

For the full interview check out the video below. The comments on Zombie Viking are closer to the end

While no release date has been set, Zombie Viking is set to release on the Nintendo Switch.  Zoink Games is also working on developing the new title, Flipping Death, which is also headed to the Switch later this year or early next year.  Flipping Death is a type of spiritual successor to Zoink Game’s hit Stick it to the Man

Written by Jason Lepine

Jason Lepine

Jason’s professional and cool-headed style masks what’s really going on inside. His ridiculous work intensity will drive him to spend 12 hours perfecting a video if need be.

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