Further information about Yoshi\’s woolly adventure

Yesterday at their E3 Digital Event, Nintendo released a brand new trailer for Yoshi\’s Woolly World for the Wii U. The game was originally revealed a year and a half ago as Yarn Yoshi at a Nintendo Direct early in 2013, and yesterday was the first time we saw the game since then.

When looking at it and playing it you can immediately see elements of Kirby\’s Epic Yarn, a game released in 2010 for Nintendo Wii, and for good reason, as both games have the same developer, that being Good Feel. Having said this, you can also see a whole load of classic Yoshi\’s Island gameplay in their too, with flutter jumps and the ability to create eggs (well, balls of yarn) by eating enemies.


Players lucky enough to be at E3 have already had a chance to play the game (including our E3 team, so you can watch their play through below) so lots of further details have been revealed. The E3 demo has 3 different levels and each level has a ton of secrets hidden away so you can imagine this being the case in the full game. Further to this, each level has 5 hidden smiley flowers but, in the demo at least, the levels do not feature any red coins or indeed a counter, which is similar to Yoshi\’s Story on the Nintendo 64, maybe because Baby Mario doesn\’t feature.

Other little bits of information include different kinds of projectile for Yoshi to launch, such as a type of bird you can fire which creates a temporary cloud for Yoshi to walk along, allowing you to reach out of reach areas. The game also features two player co-op, with one player being green Yoshi and the other player being red Yoshi, maybe in the full release you get to choose which colour Yoshi you get to be.


The game plays amazingly well and its crammed full of little details. The only bad news, is that we have to wait until 2015 for release date, but definitely keep an eye on this one, it could be one of E3 2014\’s best games.

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