Those who wish to snag their limited edition Wind Waker Ganondorf figurine may want to act quickly. The special limited edition version of Nintendo\’s remake is reportedly sold out online as well as in many stores. Gamestop retail outlets are receiving limited copies of the bundle, meaning it won\’t take long until it shall be unavailable. The limited edition is available to European buyers who purchase from GAME, however there is no confirmation that the bundle has sold out there as of yet.

The special edition of Wind Waker HD comes packaged with the game itself as well as a statue of Link and Zelda\’s main adversary, Ganondorf. The entire package comes sealed in a special box depicting artwork from the final battle of the game. Those who have not yet purchased a Wii U may also consider the recently announced Wind Waker HD bundle, which includes the game, a virtual copy of Hyrule Historia and a special Hylian designed gamepad. As a reminder, there will be no ambassador program for Wii U.

Written by Anthony Retondo

Anthony is a ginger. That should give you an idea of how much he’s worth. Despite this extreme physical limitation, however, he continues to write, and loves doing it. He may suck at video games (His favorite activity), but he has a strong passion for the lore and history of Nintendo’s franchises. When he’s not writing he’s saving the future in his flying Epoch, streaming and drinking Arnold Palmer.

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