Fabraz, and independent video game studio based in Manhattan, NY has added Wii U & 3DS stretch goals to it\’s Kickstarter project, The Wild Wild Pixel.

The Wild Wiled Pixel is an expansive point and click adventure game set in the wild west. The game stars a character called Jacques who has lived in The Valley his entire life. What is unique about The Valley is that it\’s a desert entirely surrounded by a sheer cliff preventing it\’s inhabitants from escaping. Feautring side-quests, mini-games, companion-characters and  unique skit system, the game is set to boast a lot in it\’s five hours play time. The developers hope to make a truly immerse atmosphere with lots to do, see a stray dog – find it an owner, a girl is getting bullied – stop the bullies.

Fabraz are asking to raise a base goal of $45,000 to bring the game to PC, Mac & Linux, but today they also added console stretch goals. Should the game reach $150,000 a console port will be possible, but which console is entirely up to fan feedback. The most popular console will be chosen from PS4, Xbox One, Wii U & 3DS. Each $80,000 leap from this point will then add support for the next most popular system, quite a unique way to get backer feedback!

What do you think to The Wild Wild Pixel, will you be backing this one ladies and gentlemen?

Written by Andy W.

Andy W.

I’m the Developer Liaison at Nintendo Enthusiast, and when I’m not working my butt off at the toy store I manage, I’m talking with developers from around the world, promoting crowd-funding campaigns, conducting interviews and also offering advice and support to developers looking to bring their games to Wii U & 3DS.

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