Walmart’s new Trending page on their online store reveals that their Wii U bundle has been a bestseller all day today.

This bundle is the $ 299 Wii U Deluxe Bundle Set, which includes a physical copy of New Super Mario Bros. U, a digital download code for New Super Luigi U, and what are apparently some bonus videos, although we have yet to verify what those extra videos are. Of course, this bundle includes all the bells and whistles from the Deluxe Set, and is now sold out online.

While the console was overshadowed this Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend by the launch of Sony’s and Microsoft’s newest consoles, Reggie may be telling the truth when he expressed his confidence that Nintendo was in a good spot this holiday season. While everyone seems to have clung on to the 220,000 units estimate based on NPD’s recent report, we know that neither NPD nor Nintendo have released official numbers.

 Frankly, what I am interested in is learning how much stock Nintendo even made available during that period, and how much they have made available this month, as this may be affecting these constant reports of good sales from US retailers. On the short term, the Wii U may also benefit from constrained PS4 and Xbox One supply unable to meet demand. Unfortunately for curious ears, we may have to wait until March of next year to get the whole story.


Written by Ryan Parreno

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