Not too bad for a dead system.

The impact of Mario Kart 8 is being felt throughout the video game landscape, and Wii U system sales are finally trending in the right direction because of it. It was reported today that the Wii U sold over 500,000 systems between April and June globally, clearly with Mario Kart 8 having an impact on that. It was also announced that Mario Kart 8 has sold 2.82 million globally in just over a month, which puts it as one of the highest pacing games of the year.

The 3DS also had very strong numbers, with over 800,000 units sold in the same time frame. When it comes to software sales, the Wii U had over 4.39 million games sold, while the 3DS had 8.57 million games sold. Both Nintendo systems seem poised for a strong 2014, and with both having key titles releasing in the second half of the year, Nintendo looks to reclaim it\’s financial state with strong sales from both systems.

Written by Shawn Long

We call him Mr. Testosterone. He calls himself the reincarnation of Scary Larry. Editor-in-Chief (aka never sleeps) for Nintendo Enthusiast.
30 years young and full of gaming knowledge from retro to modern. Be sure to check out his YouTube videos for our channel.

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