Those curious if Mario Kart 8 would impact that Wii U’s install base and sales figures have now gotten their answer: The Wii U is here to stay according to the numbers for the June NPD.

Mario Kart 8 was the single highest selling game SKU for the month of June. More importantly, hardware sales were up a astonishing 233% (yes two hundred and thirty three) over last June, and software sales were up 373% (once again, no error). Also, when compared to first half of 2013, hardware and software sales are up 48% and 129% respectively.

Even the 3DS had a boost of life with Tomodachi Life, which was the #9 selling game of the month of June.  Hardware sales for the 3DS were up 55% over May, and Tomodachi Life sold a combined 175K both physical and in retail.

We will update you with the numbers as more come in, but this shows a very promising future for the Wii U and 3DS in the US.

Written by phayro