A message at Nintendo Enthusiast that we try to communicate with many Indie developers is one that seems to miss the attention of most.  While we are all Nintendo Enthusiasts here, there are benefits from being a Wii U developer beyond that which would be a great asset to many indies out there, so certain fanboy perceptions should be left at the door with your coats.

The creator of Retro City Rampage has sent out a tweet recently that echoes one of the core values of being a Wii U developer.  It is one of the main aspects that we try to educate developers in with regards to Nintendo\’s policies.

FUN FACT: Every developer on Wii U gets a free Unity license and can self-publish, thus keeping all revenue & no pitching, no negotiation.

— Brian Provinciano (@BriProv) June 27, 2013

Yes, if you become a developer on Wii U, you get the Unity Engine license along with it. You can publish on the Wii U without any need for publishers. You keep the revenue (revenue remuneration from Nintendo has also improved from the old eShop days).  No fights with publishers, creative freedom, no \”you need to be doing this, inputting this\”, no status updates.  Just become a Wii U authorised developer, get the dev kit, create the game and submit for publishing.  Then just wait for the revenue engine to kick in.

And as a message to any Indie Developers out there, if you\’re considering creating a game. If you don\’t know about how Nintendo operates, contact us at Nintendo Enthusiast.  Even if you don\’t end up developing for Wii U, we would love to help you in any way we can!

Written by CUGH

A true Nintendo Enthusiast at heart, he likes to apply his own knowledge from an Associate Bachelors in Accounting and come up with his own analysis of industry developments. A constant disagreeing force against Michael Pachter, but from a differing analytical understanding. Tweet me @weeman_com

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