Ninth largest franchise in the world


Spencer Crossley, sales and marketing director at Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment in the UK, has pitched the LEGO franchise as a huge success, revealing that the entire LEGO games franchise has moved over a million units since 2013.

\”Since the start of 2013, WBIE has sold 1.6 million LEGO games,\” Spencer Crossley told MCV\”LEGO is currently the second biggest game franchise in 2014 year-to-date, in terms of units sold, with 420,200 units. Another strong week could see the LEGO game franchise take the number one franchise spot.\”

\”LEGO is the second biggest toy company and the ninth biggest video games franchise in the world, so there is good room for more growth in our sector.\”

So what\’s next for the franchise in 2014? Well, senior vice president for international games at Warner Bros, Olivier Wolff, insists that the wheels on the LEGO train are still well greased.

\”What has been interesting is that we were always concerned about is there a ceiling to that? And the reality is that there\’s absolutely no fatigue at all and there is actually a demand for different experiences.\”

Did you pick up any of the LEGO games that released last year? Did you enjoy them? Are you tired of them? Discuss it all in the comments below!

Written by Omar Taylor

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