This piece was covered by Thomas Olson

With next week’s launch getting ever closer, Nintendo has given some more details on what the online shop for the Switch.

The virtual console will not be available on launch for the Switch. We heard rumours that the Switch would eventually feature Game Cube titles in the virtual console, but we’ve heard nothing concrete on that matter.

The eShop will feature a handful of titles on the Switch’s launch next week, and Nintendo claims the eShop will house more than 60 indie games by the end of the year.

Nintendo also went on to say that the eShop would only be accessible after a day one system update.

Written by Eric Weichhart

Eric Weichhart

After around a decade playing on Sony consoles, I decided to move to the Nintendo side.

I can play most types of games if they don’t have heavy online elements, and I usually have a preference for platformers, puzzle and strategy games.

I also play casually on my PC, but I prefer to play in consoles.

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