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You read it, now you get to watch it.

Nintendo Enthusiast\’s Indie Corner is yet another brand video series showcasing upcoming Wii U indie game titles. Hosted professionally by Jason Lepine, Indie Corner will be a 14 part series visually reviewing the list of the 120+ Indie Wii U titles by genre – as many he can do with the time he has that is. This series will highlight short game previews and put the spotlight on some unknown gems. So if reading and looking at screenshots isn\’t quite your thing, this video series is for you.

We kick this series off by looking at some of the eye-catching 2D Platformers that are making their way to the Wii U.

We encourage you to leave in the comment box both below and in the video anything that comes to your mind while watching the video. If you think we captured the indie 2D Platformer scene on Wii U well and would like to share the video with family or friends, we encourage you to do so as well.

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Written by Omar Taylor

Omar Taylor

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