The VGX awards have just finished and, at least according to Nintendo\’s core fan response, Nintendo\’s reveal was underwhelming.

In our forums, we conducted a small survey asking what the members which game they wanted to see Nintendo show footage of the most at VGX, and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze received votes amounting to zero. Jumping to our front page poll, only about 3 out of over 140 voters selected Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze as the upcoming game they wanted to see more footage of the most. This is not to say that there\’s no anticipation for the return of the Kongs, but as far as VGX went, showing Donkey Kong made it easy for enthusiasts, such as the vast majority of the ones in our forums, to conclude that Nintendo is completely out of touch with the American market.

Well, Nintendo, once again, has enthusiasts reevaluating their thoughts, as Cranky Kong, the newest character to be officially revealed at VGX, is the only topic from the VGX awards trending on Twitter. Perhaps showing footage of a more ambitious title would have proved to be too advanced for the show\’s audience. Putting all monkey business aside, not only does this reveal quite a bit about the audience of VGX, but it looks like Nintendo bet correctly again and did the bare minimum to get free advertising their game that will kick off their 2014 line up.


So what do you guys think? Might have revealing footage of another game over done it? We\’re you happy with Reggie\’s reveal? Type all your satisfaction or rage into the comment section below and stay tuned for more Nintendo coverage. As a bonus, be sure to submit your votes to the poll at the right-hand side of the page and share it with others who might want their vote counted.

Written by Omar Taylor

Omar Taylor

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