The Legend of Zelda Wii U was a star at E3 2014, but details were very scant on the game as far as what exactly to expect from the game. According to Nintendo of Japan\’s hub page for the game with translation, it appears that we may be in for some changes to both Link and the main antagonist in the game.

 This software is a Wii U Edition new legend of Zelda series. Faced with mysteries in the world of Zelda spread indefinitely without boundaries, a new Link, a new nemesis.

┬áMany questions can be derived from this quote. What exactly does a \”new Link\” mean? Speculation was rampant at the alleged \”Link\” in the E3 trailer, with a lot of people feeling like that actually wasn\’t the traditional Link we have seen in previous entries in the series. Also, \”a new nemesis\” may signify that Ganon will not be the main focus of the game. Will we see the legendary Ganon at all though? For right now, all we can do is speculate. What do you think of this news? Does it make you more excited for the upcoming Zelda game for Wii U? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Shawn Long

We call him Mr. Testosterone. He calls himself the reincarnation of Scary Larry. Editor-in-Chief (aka never sleeps) for Nintendo Enthusiast.
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