In a recent interview with Red Bull, Watch Dog\’s creative director, Jonathon Morin, revealed several details about the development of Watch Dogs for the Wii U.

All the other versions of Watch Dogs have already been finished for their May 27th release; however, all teams have shifted their focus solely to the Wii U. Whereas before only Ubisoft Bucharest was working on the Wii U version of Watch Dogs, it seems like much of the development team that worked on the other versions of the game will be working on the Wii U version as well.

\”Right now [the Wii U version is] currently being done, but I\’m not directly involved. We wanted to finish all the platforms that we are currently shipping. We needed those guys to get [the shipping versions] finished, and the good news now is that they\’re all fully focused on the Wii U version, making sure it gets the attention it deserves to make it the best version it can be.\”

— Jonathon Morin

Hopefully when Jonathon Morin says that \”they\’re all fully focused on the Wii U version\” that means that the team is going to be making full use of the gamepad\’s functionality; however, we still have no details on what that functionality could be.

Watch Dogs is slated to come out for the Wii U before the end of the year. Make sure to share your thoughts on the game in the comments section below!

Written by Eli Pales

Elia Pales owns pretty much every single product Nintendo puts out, and due to his impulsive tendencies, he also tends to purchase every gaming product put out in general. When not gaming, he’s probably running cross country or writing. He makes sure to take regular gaming breaks, though.

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