This rather exciting information comes from various French websites that are reporting that Ubisoft is at work developing a new racer called “The Crew”.  The game is being made out to be a “realistic title, possibly being positioned against Forza and Gran Turismo.”

The Crew3

Additionally, the title is reportedly being developed by Ivory Studios who was previously reported to be working on a successor to the “Test Drive” series. The title is said to releasing to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and possibly current generation consoles.

The Crew1

It’s not far-fetched that we’d be seeing a Wii U version that makes great use of the GamePad considering Ubisoft’s current support of the console now.

The Crew2

Could this also be the game that effectively replaces the Need For Speed franchise considering EA’s fickle attitude? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

[Source: The Examiner]

Written by Danielet