In an interview with Polygon, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot let loose some information on Wii U support. Though originally major supporters of the console, Ubisoft has slowed their release of games to a trickle, and now it turns out that they are currently sitting on a long-completed Wii U title and are waiting for sales of the console to pick up to release it.

We did adapt the number of products to the level of quantities that the machine did. So we will have Just Dance again which is well suited for the machine. We\’ll have Watch Dogs. We have another couple of products that we are waiting to launch, specifically we have one game that we wait for the machine to be more mass market to launch. We don\’t have a number. We need the sales to increase so it becomes more and more mass market then we will have the volume that will justify massive marketing and TV marketing. We have a game that has been done for six months. It\’s on the shelf, waiting for more families to have the console. It could never come out. It could come out on another format…


Ubisoft\’s CEO mentioned ZombiU exclusivity, as well.

I think it was so adapted to the Wii U so bringing it to another platform would be difficult to do. Maybe it will come to other platforms, but not as a full game. It was really developed for that type of machine.

The company is hopeful that Smash Bros. is what will turn around the console\’s fortunes.

Nintendo is really coming up with fantastic games. They could, with the right price and very good games, help the machine start selling. I think we have to wait for Smash Bros. to come. Smash Bros has always been a big, big property for Nintendo and for gamers. And we all know that there are lots of Nintendo fans that are waiting for big games to come. We know they are coming. We don\’t know if they will still be there. I think when I speak with the fans that come to E3 90 percent of them are crazy Nintendo fans. They really love Nintendo and the games they do.

So what do you think of this news? Is Ubisoft crazy, or does their strategy make sense? And just what could that Wii U game be?

Written by Jonathan Harrington

Jono loves to play and try out all types of games, but he’s especially fond of those with “Xenoblade,” “Okami,” or “Zelda” in the title. He is a features, news, and reviews editor at Nintendo Enthusiast.

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