Two Tribes today revealed their first game since their studios relaunch back in February this year as RIVE. RIVE is billed as a metal-wrecking robot-hacking shooter which blends a mix of 2D  shooting with platforming. The game has old-school gaming values at it\’s heart but presented in a modern and beautiful style. The game features fast 360 degree shooting action tasking players with hacking their robotic enemies before defeating them.

Announcing a new game is always a major event, but since it\’s the first game since the Two Tribes reboot, this one is extra special for us. We\’ve been working feverishly with our new base team of just three people to be able to announce RIVE to the world.

So what did we make!? We call it RIVE and we describe it as \’the metal wrecking, robot hacking shooter\’. It\’s a 2D shooter / platformer with old school gaming values in a decidedly new school execution. During the game\’s intense 360 degree shooting and platforming action, players learn to alter the behavior of their robotic enemies by collecting and uploading hacks.

During the original announcement Two Tribes only confirmed that the game would be heading to \”PC & Consoles\” but it has since emerged that the game will be heading to the Wii U and it may also feature local c-op and online leader boards.

@NathanvanGinkel: @TwoTribesGames The chance of Wii U eShop release, after the happenings with TT2+” Definite possibility.

— Two Tribes (@TwoTribesGames) July 29, 2014

@LiNetKurando: @twotribesgames Which modes will be available?” It\’ll have a mission structure and maybe local co-op.

— Two Tribes (@TwoTribesGames) July 29, 2014

@LiNetKurando: @twotribesgames Any online-features? (leaderboards?)” Since scoring is part of the package, expect leaderboards.

— Two Tribes (@TwoTribesGames) July 29, 2014

What do you think to the game? Excited? Tell us in the comments below!

Written by Alex Balderas

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