Indie title hopefully not to long away

Two Brothers: Directors Cut is a game we covered in our massive Wii U indie title list and we was never fully sure when it was coming out other than by the end of this year, but it looks like we won\’t have to wait much longer for a release date, or at the very least, a rough approximation.

Speaking on twitter, developer Ackk Studios had the following to say \”Information on Wii U release of Two Brothers Directors Cut coming NEXT MONTH I PROMISE.\” Then asked whether it would be same day for Europe, presumably meaning the release date, they then responded with \”I\’m not entirely sure what the process is there but I will aim to make it same day if not close by.\”


The game is heavily influenced by early top- down Zelda titles and features both black and white 8-bit graphics like its been made for the original Gameboy, and full colour 16-bit graphics, akin to something you would see on the Super Nintendo. Hopefully release is sooner rather than later for this promising indie title.


Written by 1wiierdguy

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