In today’s Indie Corner: Daily Dose the Wii U gets added to the exciting Kickstarter for dark-stealth game Twin Souls, a new Wii U exclusive gets announced in the form of ManderZ Quest and we get the North American release details for 3DS eShop\’s Tappingo 2, as well as couple new screens.

Twin Souls (Lince Works)

You wanted it, now you got it! We are starting development of Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows on PS4, Xbox One and Wii U!

After thinking about it and some talks with the \”big 3\” and Unity, we have decided to bring Twin Souls to next gen platforms. This will need a huge effort from our part, and we can\’t promise that the console versions will be available at the same time as the PC versions, but we will try hard to achieve it.

ManderZ Quest (Yeti Boombox)

Due to a glitch in a game’s code, ManderZ and her friends have found themselves trapped inside a “GamerGirl Color” handheld gaming console. It’s up to you to save them!Playing as ManderZ, you’ll work your way through 8 crazy, classic-style levels, defeating enemies, bosses, and ultimately fixing the glitch that sent them to this strange game world.

The entire game is a tribute to the Nintendo Gameboy Color system, featuring 8-bit style graphics and music. The goal is to stay as true to the original as we can using modern tools. All sprites feature the 4-color limitations, using the original 160×144 screen resolution as a base. All music is being composed on and recorded from an original Gameboy DMG-01. We grew up with the Gameboy, so we’re doing our absolute best to get this right!

Unfortunately, day jobs tend to take away much of our game development time, leaving us with only the weekends to work. BUT we will be making a point to post any and all development progress every weekend. We hope you’ll stick with us in our journey!
Though it’s still to early for a release date, we can tell you ManderZ Quest (working title) will be a Wii U exclusive when it is released!


Tappingo 2 (Goodbye Galaxy Games)

has confirmed that the game will launch on the North American 3DS eShop in late August for $2.99. A European release date has yet to be confirmed.

Written by Andy W.

Andy W.

I’m the Developer Liaison at Nintendo Enthusiast, and when I’m not working my butt off at the toy store I manage, I’m talking with developers from around the world, promoting crowd-funding campaigns, conducting interviews and also offering advice and support to developers looking to bring their games to Wii U & 3DS.

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