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In our third installment of the Wii 100 we go over Nintendo Enthusiast’s top 10 adventure games for the Wii.  Many of these games offered unique, memorable and long hours of gameplay which luckily can easily be enjoyed with the Wii U. What do you think of our list? Are there titles missing that you believe should be included? Let us know in the comments below and remember to tune in to our  youtube channel for more Nintendo features and fun content!

Our Wii 100 series will continue listing top 10 Wii games by genre until we’ve called out what we believe are the 100 best Wii games that any gamer should experience.


Looking back on the last generation of gaming, the Wii stood out as a unique platform. It introduced motion gaming to the world and expanded the gaming community to a wider audience all while securing its place as the best selling console of its time. Due to its unique architecture, the platform was often overlooked by many third party developers and in turn the gamer community, however the Wii was home to many great games. At Nintendo Enthusiast, we took it upon ourselves to compile a list of our top 100 best Wii Games divided into ten top 10 lists. Today we break down our top 10 Adventure Games.

#10 Godfather: Black Hand Edition
While the Wii never received a Grand Theft Auto game, the Godfather Black Hand edition was a fantastic open-world game that really stood out on the system. An updated version of the PS2 and Xbox game, Godfather Black Hand Edition included more polished graphics, additional missions, and had fantastic controls due to the Wii-mote. Extort businesses, steal cars, get involved in shoot outs, put people in an oven, everything felt so satisfying with the motion controls. With a gripping mafia storyline and voice actors from the Godfather movie trilogy, Godfather Black Hand Edition is the finest open world game on the Wii.


#9 Lost in Shadow
A late release in the Wii’s life, Lost in Shadow never got the attention it deserved. A deceptively huge adventure with a large emphasis on puzzle solving and platforming, Lost in Shadow has you controlling a shadow on a quest up a massive tower to solve the mystery of the shadow’s owner. Being a shadow, you interact with the shadows of objects instead of the objects themselves, which allows for some great puzzles. While mostly 2D, there are segments where you can move in three dimensions. The floors of the castle are large and there are plenty of secrets to find, while the combat and platforming feels far less rigid than in many games of this type. A hidden gem on the Wii, it deserves a chance from more people.

#8 The Lego Series
It was hard to select just one title from this series given its consistency to deliver a great gaming experience regardless if they\’re using the Star Wars franchise or Harry Potter. The games recreate our favorite stories with the charm of Legos and offer a great gameplay experience through various puzzles and fun platforming. Additionally for those that are obsessed with completing everything, you\’ll find yourself playing hours on end trying to find all the golden bricks and other various collectibles thrown into each level. Very rarely will a video game combine so many non-video game related franchises together into such a good package.


#7 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories may at first glance appear to be a remake of the original Silent Hill, but it is a different direction for the series in both gameplay and story. Removing combat for a heavy emphasis on point and click adventure game style puzzles, the game isn’t for everyone but it does what it attempts very well. The story focuses more on psychological horror than surreal danger, even using a psychological profile of the player to tailor the story to their fears. With a great twist ending that uses what you assume about video games against you, Shattered Memories is one of the most unique adventure games on the Wii and definitely something that you should check out.

#6 Ghostbusters: The Video Game
Don’t let the stigma of the Wii sharing its Ghostbusters game with the PS2 and PSP instead of the HD systems fool you, Ghostbusters: The Video Game on Wii is great. Using a cartoon style visual that fits the Wii’s graphical capabilities perfectly and is arguably more appealing than the HD version, the real star is the Wii controller. The IR pointer works as well for ghost busting as you would imagine, and exploring the levels looking for and fighting ghosts gives you the Luigi’s Mansion sequel that the Wii never got. With a new story that acts as a sequel to the movies, Ghostbusters delivers in every way and is one of the best licensed games on the Wii.

#5 Okami
Released around the same time as the Wii, everyone who played the Playstation 2 version of Okami made the connection that the Wii controller was perfect for it. In 2008 the obvious happened, and the game was ported to the Wii. While the quality of the port is contested, the base game is a solid entry in the underrepresented Zelda style of adventure games. Okami has a beautiful art style that really captures the feudal Japanese setting, a wide variety of paint techniques to use for combat and puzzles, and a massive story that seems like it will never end. If you haven’t played the original game, Okami is definitely a game adventure fans need in their Wii library.

#4 Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition
It may be a port, but it’s also the definitive version of one of the best games of the sixth generation. With the superior graphics of the GameCube version, the extra features of the PS2 version, and flawless IR pointer controls that you can only get on the Wii, Resident Evil 4 is a masterpiece. The game is still the most balanced Resident Evil to this day, having intense action and good control while still making you think about every resource you use and feel genuinely afraid of enemies. The hilariously cheesy dialogue is the icing on the cake. The Wii may not have gotten the new main series Resident Evil game everyone wanted, but even if you’ve played RE4 already the Wii version is a must own.

#3 Metroid Prime 3
Metroid Prime 3 wasn\’t the only Metroid game released for the Wii, but was by far the best. Carrying on the tradition of the two Gamecube releases and wrapping up the Prime storyline, Metroid Prime 3 added new gorgeous graphics and tight Wii-mote First Person Action controls in one of the most polished single player experiences on the Wii. All new puzzle mechanics that only the Wii-mote could pull off help Samus explore this world that Dark Samus has corrupted with phazon attacks. The addition of Hypermode added timed invincibility and even more powerful shots that only the legendary Samus herself could pull off in this Wii masterpiece.

#2 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Twilight Princess was the answer to the fan\’s outcry after the Windwaker reveal. After playing Ocarina of Time and Majora\’s Mask many fans of the franchise were hoping for a more mature themed Zelda game and Twilight Princess delivered. The world was darker, the graphics were more realistic and every scene was more epic. Whether it was Link chasing after a chariot on horseback, snowboarding down a mountain or dueling off against Ganondorf the game took everything from Ocarina of Time and polished it up. Transforming Link into wolf form also added a new depth to the game offering a change in gameplay mechanics all the way through the story. Twilight Princess kicked off the Wii\’s library and showed early on the potential of motion control which would be perfected in the series\’ next entry 5 years later.


#1 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
The promise of an epic, real time adventure that used the Wii’s unique controller for the entire game looked like it would be unfulfilled. At the last moment, the Wii finally got a Zelda built for it from the ground up, and it made the dream a reality. The Wii Motion Plus allowed for the deepest sword combat in any Zelda, and the game gave the series a much needed bump in combat difficulty. The overworld areas may not be as vast or open as previous Zeldas, but Skyward Sword makes up for that with intricate puzzles and challenges that make the overworld play as well as the dungeons. With a gigantic quest, lots of new puzzle types, and great use of the Wii’s motion controls throughout, Skyward Sword dove in at the last minute to become the best adventure game on the Wii.

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