The longest ever Nintendo Direct

With the first Nintendo Direct of 2014 having been announced yesterday, speculation beyond what is to be expected has ran rampant as usual. Retweet\’s from Soraya Saga and Platinum Games led fans to believe we might be receiving more information related the Bayonetta franchise and Monolith Soft\’s untitled Wii U game (dubbed \”X\”).

While we still advise to keep expectations to a minimum—unless you can shrug off potential disappointment—it appears fan speculation might not be doing enough justice for what may be to come tomorrow, as the upcoming Nintendo Direct is set to run for approximately 41 minutes, according to Nintendo\’s uStream banner as seen below.


For comparison\’s sake, the only other Nintendo Direct to last nearly as long was the 2/14/2013 Direct, which lasted 37 minutes and where the Year of Luigi along with New Super Luigi U were announced. In front of that was Nintendo\’s 41 minute long E3 2013 Nintendo Direct.

To pile on, whereas Nintendo traditionally hosts Nintendo Directs in the morning for the convenience of their Japanese audience, they have now shifted gears to an afternoon presentation, presumably to increase western viewership. Nintendo sure could use all the expose they can get but perhaps a new time means new surprises.

Now that we\’ve successfully crushed all intentions of keeping expectations low by just about proposing an early E3, we hope to see you back tomorrow at 2PM PT/5PM ET to sit back and hopefully enjoy the presentation. If you can handle it and would like to do some more speculation before the event, feel free to check out discussion happening in our forums.

Written by Omar Taylor

Omar Taylor

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