If you couldn\’t get enough of Final Destination before, Sakurai has you covered! Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS will feature Final Destination variants for a number of the stages featured in each game, such as Pyrosphere or Mario Galaxy on Smash for Wii U. Today, we get a glimpse of a another Final Destination variant, the simplified Gerudo Valley on Smash for 3DS.

\”Pic of the day. This the final destination version of Gerudo Valley. No more surprise visits from Koume and Kotake, and the bridge is gone. There are no distractions and there\’s nowhere to run. And the score that players in the background is \”Gerudo Valley.\”

When a stage is in Final Destination mode, it loses all its gimmicks, platforms, and assets outside the main platform itself. However, not even version will be the same.

You can make most stages turn into a final destination. Depending on the stage, it might be floating in midair or perched on a cliff.

Even with every stage mimicking Final Destination, they\’ll each still have minor differences in their structure for a bit of diversity. I wonder how this will play into selecting stages? Which will be your favorite?

So far, it seems like there are more stages confirmed for FD mode on Wii U than 3DS, but there doesn\’t seem to be any reason why each game won\’t have a similar or the same amount of Final Destination variants.

Written by Dakota Lasky

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