Warner Bros. Interactive today announced that Traveler\’s Tales is hard at work developing the next LEGO video game, this time based on the 2014 film The LEGO Movie.  The game puts players in the role of Emmett, an average LEGO figure destined for greatness when he is \”mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person\” and sent on an epic quest to stop a tyrant and join forces with a band of strangers.

Featuring over 90 playable characters and 15 epic levels, players will use collected instruction pages and companion Master Builders to construct amazing LEGO creations to aid them in completing missions.

Slated for virtually every platform in 2014, Nintendo fans can look forward to upcoming releases on both the Wii U and 3DS platforms.

Did anyone not see this coming?  Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Wesley Stopford

A long time Gaming Enthusiast, and current News Team Lead for Nintendo Enthusiast, Wesley began his journey with Nintendo’s NES at a very young age playing the originals of many of Nintendo’s greatest franchises; games that introduced him to the most memorable characters and settings in gaming history. The technology behind gaming sparked his curiosity, an affection he carries to this day. Today Wesley’s love for gaming is alive and well, as well as a deep understanding of hardware and software systems, an understanding owed to over 10 years of experience as a Systems and Network Engineer and the very games and consoles that captivated his young and enthusiastic mind.

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