The Metroid Database is kicking off the 20th anniversary of Super Metroid\’s release in Japan in fine form.  They\’ve compiled a list of 20 Things You Probably Didn\’t Know about the game, which is well worth a read.

The most interesting piece of history, though, is this never-before-seen promotional ad reel:

(Make sure to enable subtitles.)

Captain Commando of M-db notes:

This rare video clip is from a VHS tape that was given to game stores in Japan to help advertise Super Metroid. It is a combination of gameplay clips and video from the commercial, narrated by Samus herself! There are a lot of similarities between this vision of Super Metroid and Samus\’s representation in Metroid: Other M, leading us to believe that the video might have been overseen by Yoshio Sakamoto himself.

The video was graciously donated to us by our resident collector VGMStudios, and we have, of course, translated and subtitled it for you. The video was first shown to a limited audience during our panel at MAGFest 2014, and although some of our Japanese readers might remember having seen this 20 years ago, this is the first time it has even been shared with the world. We hope you enjoy it!

Well, I certainly did.  Kudos to M-db for publishing this great find.

We\’ll have more in the coming weeks on Super\’s 20th anniversary, but make sure to keep an eye on Metroid Database, too, which is an indispensable resource for us Samus fans.

Written by Mike D.

Evil-at-large for Nintendo Enthusiast.

(Variously known as EvilTw1n, ET and “maple bacon donut.”)

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