\”Really pushing for a Wii U release\”

Mike Tonder (PabloXl5) of Tone Red Studios, one of the verified developers in our “Meet the Game Developers” sub-forum, has unleashed his puzzle-platform adventure game called A Wizard’s Day on Kickstarter and has exclusive content and functions planned for the Wii U, including a a special edition of the game.

Tone Red Studio\’s current goal is to release for PC and Mac, but he also has aspirations to release for other platforms, predominantly Wii U, but also PlayStation 4. Depending on the success of the initial Kickstarter and it\’s reception, the developer may decide to release it as a Wii U exclusive or as a timed exclusive.

Unfortunately, the Tone Red Studios cannot commit to the Wii U being that they are a start-up studio, but says that \”if I had to choose just one console platform to release on right now, it\’d be Wii U no doubt. So that\’s what I\’m aiming for.\”

Mr. Tonder has is planning to use to take advantage of the Wii U GamePad and I feels the game\’s style and gameplay would fit the Nintendo audience well. He isn\’t wrong either as many in our forum section have already likened the game to to the SNES classic Super Mario RPG, despite the game really taking inspriation from the NES classic Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos.

\”Regardless of the game being exclusive or not, with the Wii U release I\’d like to have a special version of \”The Enchanted Realm\” inspired by the Nintendo universe.\” Mr. Tonder said. \”Given the O.K, the Nintendo enchanted realm would feature all sorts of nods to their franchises.\”


The funding goal for PC and Mac is set at $15K while the Wii U stretch goal is set at 25K. If you\’d like to help this long-time Nintendo fan\’s Kickstarter succeed, be sure to back it here. You can also follow him on Twitter @ToneRedStudios.

Written by Omar Taylor

Omar Taylor

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