Initially, when Super Mario 3D World was first revealed at E3 2013, there was not only quite a bit of disappointment the scope of the game, but the visuals in comparison to what gaming enthusiasts received with Super Mario Galaxy just didn\’t feel up to snuff and where overall under question. Months later, Nintendo released a second trailer for the game which effectively put the concerns of many about the game\’s visuals, and even its play style, to rest.

As many should know, games always end up looking better running on their native device, though it seems that, as of now, there is still more to show off in the visuals department, exceeding what was shown in the trailers. Below are screenshots released by Nintendo for what seems to be for the deliberate sake of producing eye candy. We decided that, to increase the effect, we would compare these new shots to arguably one of the best looking games on the Nintendo\’s last generation home console, Super Mario Galaxy 2. Take a look.

I\’ll end the shaming here, even though Galaxy 2 does manage to hold its own in some instances, but of course, these are two very different types of games. Enjoy the rest of the screenshots!

How have you been feeling about Super Mario 3D World since Nintendo\’s E3 2013 Nintendo Direct presentation? Sound off below!

Written by Omar Taylor

Omar Taylor

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