Graphite Lab, and independent video game developer based in St.Louis, Misouri have launched a new Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for their debut Wii U eShop game, Hive Jump.

The game is billed as a sci-fi action-platformer for 1-4 players, blending run and gun gameplay with tactical strategy. Set in the 24th century, humanity is at war with an alien race who outnumbers us a million to one! The only hope lies in a team of commandos known as the J.U.M.P Corps. Players and upto three friends assume the roles o these Jumpers, as they blast their way through subterranean hives, killing enemies, avoiding traps and collecting resources. When they reach the bottom there\’ll be an angry queen ready to unleash all out hell for killing her offspring.

Action Platforming: Engage swarms of aliens in frenetic combat. Avoid traps, withstand ambushes, discover treasures, rescue survivors, and more.
Co-op Multiplayer: Play single player, or 2-4 player co-op. (local or online)
Procedural Levels: Jump into procedurally generated alien hives. Level modifiers like dark levels keep you on your toes and offer new challenges to overcome.
Unique Permadeath: Keep the transponder backpack in one piece! It is your mobile respawn point and if it is destroyed by the aliens you have no more lives.
Challenging AI: Intelligent and fierce enemies await in the hive.
Upgradeable Sci-Fi Weapons: Pulverize aliens with pulse rifles, flamethrowers, and a variety of experimental bombs and weapons.
Hand-Designed Challenges: Plunder challenge rooms and uncover lost relics to upgrade your arsenal.
Dynamic Lighting: Experience pixel-perfect dynamic lighting using Sprite Lamp.
Strategic Campaigns: The results of your jumps directly impact the ongoing galactic war against the aliens. Manage your planetary campaign between jumps in a turn-based strategy mode.

Players won\’t just be shooting at anything which moves however as they\’ll need to play their jumps tactically. The Human Systems Alliance (HSA) is committed to a planet-hopping strategy to rid the alien menace. The J.U.M.P. Corps was formed for the sole purpose of destroying alien hives and establishing footholds and bases on infested planets. Every successful or unsuccessful jump affects the overall war effort. In the game\’s turn-based strategy mode its up to the player to decide where to jump next, which weapons and upgrades to equip and where to fortify defenses to avoid surprise attacks and ambushes. 

Graphite Lab are looking to raise $50,000 for this kick-ass game, $7000 of which they have already raised in the first 24 hours! The Wii U is a guaranteed launch platform, when the game launches August 2015. The lowest tier to secure a Wii U key is a very reasonable $15 which will also give you the chance to name a jumper as well as appearing in the credits.

Check out this project now!

Written by Alex Balderas

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