Smash Bros. is all about fighting Nintendo\’s array of all-star characters…well, for the most part. Still, the final challenge for players in recent Smash games has been All-Star Mode, a third mode that usually joins the single-player menus once every character in the game has been unlocked. From there, you must run through a gauntlet with very few safety nets as you try to defeat every character in the game.

This time around, in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U, All-Star mode works a bit differently.

\”Pic of the day. This time, you can challenge every fighter in All-Star Mode from the moment you turn on the game!! This is a survival battle with limited recovery items and no option to continue. However, this mode will be incomplete until you\’ve unlocked every fighter… Until then, you can only play against characters that are already available. This is a picture of the bottom-screen menu, with a padlock indicating that the mode is still incomplete.\”

For anyone following the recent Smash leak debacle, an image of the \”locked\” All-Star mode menu icon was a point of heavy contention. Many claimed that, because the mode is locked, there must be more characters yet to be revealed in the game outside of the ones spoiled in the leaks. However, there\’s always the possibility that the images are from different builds or different times in the game, but there\’s no way to be sure.

What is certain, though, is that All-Star mode is playable regardless of however many characters you have unlocked. This is a first for the mode, as it has never been playable without the entire roster available.


\”In these battles, multiple opponents appear in one stage, and you clear the battle by defeating a number of them. The rest area that appears between battles displays the next opponents and the year the characters made their first appearances, and it also holds recovery items and an occasional reward. The characters you fight against appear pretty much in chronological order. Behold, the history of Nintendo games!!\”

Quite a history lesson for players, eh? If you\’re new to Smash Bros., or Nintendo games in general, this is a great opportunity to get up to snuff. That is, if you can make it all the way through the full lesson! Will you be able to defeat every character in All-Star mode?

Written by Dakota Lasky

Bringing you the latest news in Nintendo gaming and the very best in competitive Super Smash Bros. When I’m not writing news and features for Nintendo Enthusiast, I’m watching tournaments and playing some Melee. You may also find me behind the mic on commentary or for a podcast. Follow me on Twitter!: @TheRapture_

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