Although this has nothing to do with some massive video game announcement, it feels always good to read news like this one.

The President of Sony Computer Entertainment’s worldwide studios ,Shuhei Yoshida, has stated today that he owns two (!) Wii U consoles. One model is based on the American version and the other one on the Japanese one.

The veteran of Sony Computer Entertainment said the following on Twitter:

Shuhei Yoshida joined Sony Entertainment back in 1986, he is one of the initial members of the Playstation project (1993) and he replaced Phil Harrison as the President of SCE Worldwide Studios in 2008. He is also well-known for working on several successful titles as an executive producer.

It is not the first time that Yoshida is dealing with other systems and rival platforms and he is not always nice and friendly with the “other side” (although he has definitely a sense of humour as soon as he decides to take shots at them).

Written by Purple3DSXL