Sony may have shown little interest to make a new handheld after the PlayStation Vita, but it may not be the case thanks to a finding by NeoGaf’s user ponpo.

Filed back in 2015, the recently published patent reveals a device similar to a tablet with two controllers pieces similar to the DualShock 4 and while it is not explicit shown, they do look detachable as well.

Sony has revealed that the company is working in several mobile games, including franchises like PaRappa the Rapper and Arc The Lad, most of them being released this year. With that said, we may be seeing the design of an accessory or a new gaming phone attempt like the Sony Xperia PLAY rather than a new console.

You can check out the pictures of the patent below:

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Written by Eric Weichhart

Eric Weichhart

After around a decade playing on Sony consoles, I decided to move to the Nintendo side.

I can play most types of games if they don’t have heavy online elements, and I usually have a preference for platformers, puzzle and strategy games.

I also play casually on my PC, but I prefer to play in consoles.

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