Unlike with previous entries to the 3D Sonic franchise, such as Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, the Sonic Team is striving to make both versions of their newest action-adventure, Sonic Lost World, as visually symmetrical as possible. Why are the Sonic Team setting such high bars for themselves?

Iizuka: \”In Colours and Generations the focus was a side-scrolling game. If you look at Lost World, the main concept is a cylindrical world, so it didn\’t make sense to do a side view. The 3DS\’s extra power makes it the sort of place 3D can be used really well.

Even though it\’s more powerful than a DS, it still has its limits. It wasn\’t easy to get the same levels, but we kept cutting things back until we could get it so that if you looked at it – in a trailer, say – you couldn\’t tell which was which. We tried to get the same feel for Wii U and 3DS.\”

Written by Omar Taylor

Omar Taylor

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