Snipperclips: Cut It, Together! was definitely a surprise and one of the better Nintendo Switch games in general. Only 6 people were needed for the game, with devs sharing their thoughts and ideas about the game in a very interesting interview with Gameinformer.

SFB Games talked about a variety of things with Gameinformer, including their early thoughts, Wii U and how Nintendo was involved in the actual development and release of Snipperclips:

Game Informer: How early were you made aware of the Switch hardware?

SFB Games: We found out about the Switch around June of 2016. Nintendo showed us a short presentation, which explained the various features of the Switch and the Joy-Con controllers. It was really exciting, and a massive privilege to find out so early, but our heads were quickly full of thoughts about how best to use the new controller layout. It was fun keeping such a big secret to ourselves, all through the year.

Was it difficult to develop for new hardware? Was the development pace expedited? Was making launch stressful?

It was difficult, as there were a lot of unknown factors, especially on the technical side. When we starting developing the game, we didn’t know a single thing about the Switch. As for making launch, everyone had to work hard. But the goal of making a game for the launch of a new Nintendo console was so exciting, it was a very good reason to try hard and make it happen.

What did the earliest versions of the game look like?

The earliest version of the game was called Friendshapes, this was after only two weeks of prototype development, before Nintendo got involved. It looked fairly similar in concept, but there was very little animation on the characters. It had the same basic idea for background art – the school desk, with rulers, pencils, etc. That seemed like a natural fit for the game, even from right at the beginning.

Did it start as a Wii U game?

Sort of, but not really. We developed it as a prototype on PC, to begin with. Wii U was the assumed hardware, but we never developed any features specific to the Wii U – such as making use of the screen on the GamePad. We knew Nintendo was working on new hardware, since the “NX” had been announced in some capacity. But our goal was just to make a fun game, regardless of what hardware we were using. Eventually we moved over to Switch, and it seemed like the appropriate hardware for the game, especially given the two Joy-Cons.

You should definitely take a look at the whole interview here.


Written by Brett Medlock

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