Sniper Elite V2 has recently arrived in stores in Europe and North America with little to zero fanfare and, frankly, I\’m not surprised. The game was off to a great start by being the best version of the game as hyped up by the developers, but has dropped the ball by not including the same online features put into the other versions of the game.


Yet there\’s no escaping Miiverse, and it\’s quickly emerged — thanks to early adopters — that this Wii U version has no online content. We interviewed Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley about the game earlier this year, during which he did confirm that there were no DLC plans at that point; a familiar refrain with some Wii U releases. The absence of the online co-op missions are an unexpected blow, however, baking the title down to a single player online game.

I would hope to expect not to hear about any complaints of low sales after this was just pulled. You make a great game, you will get great sales. If you don\’t, you can expect the opposite.

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[Source: NintendoLife]

Written by Omar Taylor

Omar Taylor

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