The fine people of Shinesparkers have let us know that following their fan albums Harmony or a Hunter and Harmony of a Hunter: 101 % Run, they are now working on a proper fan tribute album for the Smash Bros series, to be called Harmony of Heroes.

Harmony of Heroes will feature renditions of songs from all three Smash Bros. games, and in typical fashion, they\’re taking some artistic license to rework them into different musical genres. Harmony of Heroes will boast of a broad number of musicians playing in a variety of musical styles. They will not only playing these songs to fit each individual character, but to match the expectations of fans of Smash\’s diverse game franchises.

The resulting sound is familiar, but also brand new. I personally feel their previews reveal a direction that is heavily orchestrated and very well polished. The best thing about all this, of course, is that the whole album will be released as a free download in 2014. Check out their preview trailer below.

Written by Ryan Parreno

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