After a recent bombshell of big announcements for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. installments, including the reveals of veteran fighter Zelda and newcomer duo Rosalina and Luma, Sakurai will be putting the daily Smash update on break until January.

\”The pic of the day that runs Monday through Friday will be on break starting Dec. 27th. I\’ll be back on Jan. 6, so I hope everyone has a happy new year!!\”

We hope Sakurai has a great new year, too, as we know he\’s been hard at work bringing Smash to two different platforms for sometime in 2014. Although the incoming release of the games will likely increase the amount of notable reveals throughout the coming months, who knows how Sakurai will handle unveiling the rest of the game?

As we\’ve seen with Zelda\’s reveal and other veteran announcements, Sakurai likes to line up alongside release dates for new games in Nintendo\’s franchises. Kirby Triple Deluxe hits shelves January 10th – will King Dedede waddle back into the fray or will we see the return of the best character in Brawl, the one and only Meta Knight?

Written by Dakota Lasky

Bringing you the latest news in Nintendo gaming and the very best in competitive Super Smash Bros. When I’m not writing news and features for Nintendo Enthusiast, I’m watching tournaments and playing some Melee. You may also find me behind the mic on commentary or for a podcast. Follow me on Twitter!: @TheRapture_

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