It\’s not just Nintendo who have been sharing their financials with investors this week, SEGA has talked about their results and as well as their plans for the future.

SEGA also revealed that there has been 710,000 units shipped of Sonic Lost World on both the Wii U & 3DS which released in October last year to mixed reactions. Hopes are being pegged on the next Sonic title, which ties into television series of the same name as a prequel. Sonic Boom is scheduled to launch towards the end of 2014 for both the Wii U & 3DS.

  • Sonic Lost World (Wii U & 3DS) has shipped 710,000 units.
  • SEGA has 4 Wii U projects slated for release before March 2015.
  • SEGA is expecting 600,000 units of Wii U games to be sold.
  • SEGA has 13 3DS projects slated for release before March 2015.
  • SEGA is expecting 2.27 million units of 3DS games to be sold.

Most interestingly is that SEGA have revealed just how many projects they have in development for a release this fiscal year on both of Nintendo\’s platforms. SEGA have confirmed 4 Wii U titles and 13 3DS titles will launch before March 2015. With a little detective work we can have a guess at what these could be.

  • Wii U Game 01 – Sonic Boom
  • Wii U Game 02 – Unknown
  • Wii U Game 03 – Unknown
  • Wii U Game 04 – Unknown

Three candidates for the unknown Wii U games are Demon Tribe, Puyo Puyo Tetris & Yakuza 1+2 HD Collection. The latter two have already been released in Japan and it is unlikely all three would be localized, which means the other three titles are likely brand new unannounced titles.

  • 3DS Game 01 – Sonic Boom
  • 3DS Game 02 – Hatsune Miku and Future Stars: Project Mirai 2
  • 3DS Game 03 – Unknown
  • 3DS Game 04 – Unknown
  • 3DS Game 05 – Unknown
  • 3DS Game 06 – Unknown
  • 3DS Game 07 – Unknown
  • 3DS Game 08 – Unknown
  • 3DS Game 09 – Unknown
  • 3DS Game 10 – Unknown
  • 3DS Game 11 – Unknown
  • 3DS Game 12 – Unknown
  • 3DS Game 13 – Unknown

Some candidates for the unknown 3DS games include the unreleased Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary, Puyo Puyo Tetris but again both titles are unlikely to be released in the west. This leaves eleven games we don\’t yet know about coming to the 3DS.

As you can see from the two lists above SEGA have fourteen unannounced projects in the works for Nintendo\’s two platforms. When will we find out what they are? Perhaps during Nintendo\’s Digital Event on June 9th 9am PT, it\’s been a while since Nintendo have collaborated on a project such as F-Zero GX.

What would you like to see announced by SEGA, tell us in the comments below!

Written by Andy W.

Andy W.

I’m the Developer Liaison at Nintendo Enthusiast, and when I’m not working my butt off at the toy store I manage, I’m talking with developers from around the world, promoting crowd-funding campaigns, conducting interviews and also offering advice and support to developers looking to bring their games to Wii U & 3DS.

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