Theres a rumour bubbling away over on Neogaf, that Nintendo are preparing a free demo for Mario Kart 8 which is scheduled to launch worldwide at the end of May exclusively for the Wii U.

As with all rumours of this nature it should be taken with a pinch of saly, but it’s fun to imagine the possibilities regardless. Gaf user RobbieNick allegedly heard from a Nintendo rep at WonderCon that Nintendo were preparing a playable demo to be released on the eShop prior to the game’s release at the end of May.


I was talking to one of the Nintendo reps at WonderCon and she told me there would be a playable demo released on E-Shop sometime before the release of the game (not sure exactly when) that would be larger than the 3-track demo shown on the show floor.

It is worth noting that to date Nintendo have not released any demos for their first party Wii U games, but did release a demo for the Platinum Games developed and simply fantastic Wonderful 101, which was sadly met with mixed reviews.

Written by womble