The official webpage for Wii Fit U indicates that the game’s official US release may have been delayed to January 10, 2014.

Originally scheduled for release on December 13, we have not received official word from Nintendo why there was any reason for the delay, but clearly, the original plans have changed.

To be clear, the Fit Meter has already been released in stores, and the Wii Fit U 31 day trial is now available. If you have a Balance Board now, you can avail of the trial between now until January 31 of next year. The trial will be good for 31 days from the day you activate the trial. Buying the Fit Meter and registering it will allow you to keep the game.

The full retail version, which includes a disc copy of Wii Fit U, a Fit Meter, and a Balance Board, is what has been indefinitely delayed. Nintendo may simply be regrouping their strategy for marketing Wii Fit U for next year, but for the moment, fans who want to play Wii Fit U now can avail of the trial promotion. We hope Nintendo can bring clarity to this concern soon.

Written by Ryan Parreno

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