What could possibly be another blow to Wii U owners, following the Wii U exclusive delay to 2015, as it appears that Slightly MAD Studios and publisher Namco Bandai may not release the eagerly anticipated racer in Australia.

Slightly Mad Studios announced a couple weeks back, a worldwide distribution and publishing deal with Namco Bandai for their debut game Project CARS. Shortly after this it was revealed that the game originally announced for PC, PS3, 360 and Wii U would feature a Wii U only delay to 2015 despite changing the Playstation and Xbox versions to their new generation brothers. Several Australian retailers are omitting listings for the Wii U version of the game, despite featuring the other format versions. The one silver lining for the delay is that the studio hope to add meaningful Wii U specific options, which will be appreciated once the game finally arrives.

This could simply be down to the Wii U version launching later than the other versions, but what retailer would want to potentially loose out on early-adopter pre-orders?

Written by Alex Balderas

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