In Nicalis\’ latest dev blog post, the studio discusses how The Binding Of Isaac was originally conceived as a Nintendo 3DS game but was moved to the Playstation 3 and PS Vita due to Nintendo\’s resistance to the game\’s religious content. We\’ve previously reported several times about how Nicalis\’ Tyrone Rodriguez has teased that the game may finally see a 3DS release one day, and it seems that that day may be drawing very close indeed.

In the developer blog post, hidden amongst walls of text are three hyper-linked characters which spell out 3, D and S. Clicking on any of these hyper-links takes you to a short Youtube video of The Binding Of Isaac with what seems to be a stereoscopic filter again teasing a release on Nintendo\’s 3D-ready portable.

What do you think the game\’s chances are,. and most importantly would you like to see the game on the 3DS? Tell us in comments below!

Written by Alex Balderas

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